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Author Archives: Gerard Lozano

    June 2022 Newsletter – Changes with the Housing Market

    By Gerard Lozano | June 10, 2022

    June 2022 REAL ESTATE NEWSBrought to you by Gerard Lozano Housing Market Still Favors Sellers–but is that Set to Change? Ever since interest rates decreased at the beginning of the pandemic, the real estate market throughout most of the country has heavily favored sellers. When interest rates decrease, more buyers enter the market to secure... Read More

    The Golden Ticket to Homeownership

    By Gerard Lozano | May 20, 2022

    Why Should I Get Pre-Approved Before House Hunting? Imagine yourself going to Disney World for the first time in your life. You heard about the memorable Tea Cup ride, the amazing actors who bring Disney characters to life, and the beautiful fireworks show at night above the castle. You’ve planned this moment in your head... Read More

    Is There Ever a Right Time to Buy Real Estate?

    By Gerard Lozano | May 3, 2022

    Should You Buy/Sell a Home Now or Wait It Out? 2021 was a crazy year for real estate. Home prices rose at ridiculous rates, not enough homes to choose from, and if you found the home you wanted then you had to fight against 20 or more people who also wanted it. We are still... Read More